Saturday, February 14, 2009

NY Comic Con 09

Er, yeah, right. Apparently I have a blog.


I went to NYCC. It was simultaneously a clusterfuck and awesome. I won't get into the particulars about the clusterfuck part of it. That had to do with some bonehead and badges and wah wah wah. I'll talk about the awesome-- which was a large part of it!

There were.... awesome little toy things, for instance.


And there were a lot of booksellers apparently feeling the sting of a bad economy--you know how you go to the con on the last day and the last few hours everyone starts trying to offer discounts, desperate to not have to lug stuff home? Well the last day sales were every day! At Tales of Wonder I got a Drew Struzan book, normally retailing for $60 for $20! Unreal! Their loss in profit is my bookshelf's gain.

I came across the table for Art²Publishing, which appears to be a pretty damn solid independent book company.... they had this book, which I LOVE-- I need to check out the rest of their small catalouge:

There was Oni Press' booth, where I scored the awesome, obligatory copy of Scott Pilgrim Vs the Universe:

I was lucky enough to be there when Bryan Lee O'Malley was there so I got the sucker signed. While at the booth, I was also compelled to flip through Apocalipstix, at the behest of my con bud Ryan-- and yeah, I kinda liked it.

I had heard of Ray Fawkes but had not read anything by him. I really dig this book and am glad to have found someone new.... here's an interview with him from NYCC over at The Quarter Bin.

I stopped by the Dumbrella booth to see if Meredith Gran was there-- dude, her webcomic Octopus Pie is pretty dope. I've mentioned it before. I kind of hoped to be an idiot and compliment her but she was out. BUT I went over to Blind Ferret's table and met with the artist of Least I Could Do, Lar. He was dope and awesome and signed a copy of the book, but man, that Canuck is popular. A veritable swarm of people.

And then I had to go. Honestly, I did more stuff but I kinda forget it all. I do have like ten pounds of free flyers and postcards that people were desperately throwing at me to promote their stuff. I should go through 'em all...

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