Monday, November 10, 2008

Steve Brodner

O hai guys.

I would like to school you on something.

An artist by the name of Steve Brodner.

He fucking rules.

Hey, not to be crass! Not to be vulgar! But it's just true. He rules SO much that there's no other possible adjective strong enough to describe how much he DOES rule.

He's basically the reigning king of editoral cartooning at the moment. His book, 'Freedom Fries' is something I happened upon in Borders a couple of years back and nearly yelped with glee. It was embarassing, and I quickly snatched it up and brought it home. As an artist, I definitely pick it up from time to time and thumb through it. He's an amazing artist, one you should definitely study if you are at all interested in caricaturing, cartooning, editorial work, satire, whatever.

Freedom Fries on Amazon

All images copyright- Steve Brodner, obviously

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