Monday, December 1, 2008

JC Leyendecker

So, I know the question has been keeping you up nights. You toss and turn, unable to sleep, just wondering... "So who is Erik's favorite painter?"

Really, if I search the recesses of my mind I may be able to come up with artists I studied in school that really piqued my curiosity and such but for the time being, I gotta go with the late, great JC Leyendecker.

He's one of the 20th century's premier artists, known primarily for his commercial success with ads, like above, and his Saturday Evening Post covers. A lot of people think just Norman Rockwell had that gig. Leyendecker had it first! He was Rockwell's mentor.

I bought this book recently and I haven't gone to bed a single night since without flipping through it and just being all "OMG SO GOOD". It's a total must-have for any artist, whether you're into painting and such or not. Like, even if comic books are your life, it's worth your time to start to appreciate some of illustration's badass pioneers.


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