Thursday, December 18, 2008

So I guess we're going to get a mother of a storm starting tonight and tomorrow. F'in great; I was supposed to fly out tomorrow to NC to my aunt's. Um. I mean, I guess I am going to try to reschedule the flight, that's what I'm on the phone now trying to do but it seems to be taking a bit "longer than usual" to get through to someone.

Phone's on speaker at my side while I type.


Oh yeah so this is a pretty neat little cartoon resource a buddy showed me the other night at a sketch meet-up:

Staye Tooned! is a pretty comprehensive little magazine that's apparently published outta some dude's house down south. The guy, John Read, is just someone really into comics and cartoon art and put his own money into this project. There are a couple of pretty good interviews in the first two issues-- Berke Brethed! I mean, omg yay.

So yeah, I flipped through that; pretty damn decent. It made me want to draw. Or at least that there were more issues or that it was a more frequent thing. There aren't a lot of periodicals out there you know? Blogs, yes, magazines, no.


So there's my endorsement of the day. Now to listen to some more muzak courtesy of Delta, and to make myself a sammich.

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